1 and a half tabs if acid and feeling fucking amazing with my beautiful olive💕💕💕 annnd awesome peeeeeeeeeeps🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙💊💊💊💊💊💊💊


just got hired at Chipolte, and got my script for Valium and Zanaflex, hopefully getting my Suboxone, fngrs crssd✌✌✌👾👾✨✨ annnnd about to quit my job at Party City, I’m getting off probation in 27 days, and happy to be staying clean off dope for a little. Staying positive hopefully everything works out🙏🌟🌟🌟 oooooohhhhh and seeing Porter Robinson on his Worlds Tour tomorrow which is going super mind opening🌙🎵🎶🎼🎹👾🎮